Sutliff - Plum Pudding tin of 56.7 gram

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Sutliff Plum Pudding is a blend of pipe tobacco that is designed to give a rich and complex smoking experience. The blend is made from a combination of Virginia, Latakia, Oriental, and Perique tobaccos. The Virginia tobacco provides a natural sweetness and lightness to the blend, while the Latakia tobacco adds a smoky and earthy flavor. The Oriental and Perique tobaccos give the blend a spicy and slightly sweet taste. The blend is enhanced with a subtle note of plum and other natural flavors, which adds a unique depth to the smoking experience. Sutliff Plum Pudding is carefully balanced to provide a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. It is a popular choice among pipe smokers who enjoy the complex and nuanced flavors of a premium tobacco blend. Sutliff Plum Pudding can be smoked on its own or blended with other tobaccos to create a unique and personalized smoking experience.

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