Mac Baren - Cherry Choice 40 Gram Pouch

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Cherry Choice has the same smooth, mellow taste, and is easy on your tongue, just like the other blends in the “Choice” family. This is no surprise, since the raw tobaccos for the entire Choice family are carefully selected from the many tobaccos we have in storage. The tobaccos used in the Choice family are designed to make your pipe smoking experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. They are all offered in a cut that makes it simple to load your pipe, and they offer a trouble-free smoking time with no tongue bite.

The recipe includes specially-selected Virginia tobaccos for sweetness, Mac Baren’s Modern Cavendish for a hint of sweet fruitiness and sweet spice, while the Burley holds it all together.

The taste of Cherry Choice is reminiscent of the sweet taste of ripe cherries. It’s a low-maintenance tobacco that requires little effort to tamp and puff. It is mellow and tasty for both the new and experienced pipe smoker.

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