HH - Latakia Flake tin of 50 gram

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HH Latakia Flake is a rich and flavorful pipe tobacco blend that is made from a combination of Latakia, Virginia, and Oriental tobaccos. The blend is then aged and processed to develop its natural flavors and to create a smooth, mellow smoke. The Latakia tobaccos provide a smoky, spicy flavor that is balanced by the sweetness of the Virginia and Oriental tobaccos. The tobacco is then pressed into thin, rectangular flakes, which are easy to pack and smoke. The flakes have a dark color and a rich, robust aroma. The tobacco is best enjoyed when rubbed out to the desired texture before packing. The result is a full-bodied smoke that is complex, satisfying, and perfect for the experienced smoker. HH Latakia Flake is a highly regarded blend that is appreciated by pipe smokers who enjoy a strong and flavorful tobacco blend with a distinct smoky character.

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