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Quintero Brevas is a cigar produced by the Cuban brand Quintero y Hno. It is known for offering a flavorful smoking experience at an affordable price point.
The Quintero Brevas features a classic "brevas" vitola, which typically measures around 5 1/2 inches (140mm) in length with a ring gauge of 37, indicating a diameter of 37/64ths of an inch. This size falls within the smaller to medium-sized range, providing a relatively shorter smoking time compared to larger cigars.
Quintero cigars are known for their rustic and earthy character, and the Quintero Brevas is no exception. They are crafted using a blend of Cuban filler tobaccos, a binder leaf, and a wrapper leaf, all sourced from the renowned Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba.
The flavor profile of Quintero Brevas leans towards the medium-bodied range, with distinct earthy and woody notes. It may also exhibit hints of pepper, leather, and sometimes a touch of sweetness. The flavors are often straightforward and uncomplicated, offering a satisfying smoke that can be enjoyed by both novice and seasoned cigar enthusiasts.
Quintero Brevas cigars are often praised for their good construction and draw, and they are known for providing a quality smoking experience at an affordable price point. They are considered a great choice for those seeking a budget-friendly Cuban cigar without compromising on flavor and craftsmanship.

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