Quintero - Londres Extra 25's B

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Quintero Londres Extra is a cigar produced by the Cuban brand Quintero y Hno. It is a classic and popular choice among cigar enthusiasts who appreciate the value and flavor offered by Quintero cigars.
The Quintero Londres Extra features a "Londres" vitola, which typically measures around 5 7/8 inches (150mm) in length with a ring gauge of 40, indicating a diameter of 40/64ths of an inch. This size falls within the medium-sized range, providing a moderate smoking time.
Quintero cigars are known for their rustic and robust character, and the Quintero Londres Extra is no exception. They are crafted using a blend of Cuban filler tobaccos, a binder leaf, and a wrapper leaf, all sourced from the renowned Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba.
The flavor profile of Quintero Londres Extra leans towards the medium to full-bodied range, offering a rich and flavorful smoking experience. It often exhibits notes of earthiness, wood, leather, and sometimes hints of spice and cocoa. The flavors are typically well-balanced, providing a satisfying and enjoyable smoke.
Quintero Londres Extra cigars are often praised for their quality construction, good draw, and affordability. They are considered a great choice for those seeking a budget-friendly Cuban cigar that delivers robust flavors and a genuine Cuban smoking experience.