Peterson - Navy Flake De Luxe Navy Rolls 50 gram

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Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls is a pipe tobacco blend produced by the Peterson of Dublin, a renowned tobacco company based in Ireland. This particular blend is highly regarded among pipe enthusiasts for its unique characteristics and quality.
Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls is categorized as a "navy" blend, which is a style of tobacco preparation that involves pressing and aging the tobacco under pressure. This process creates a dense, cake-like tobacco plug that is then sliced into thin flakes or coins.
The blend itself consists of premium Virginia tobaccos, which are known for their natural sweetness and bright flavors. These Virginias are carefully selected and aged to develop depth and complexity. Additionally, the tobacco is flavored with a subtle hint of rum, adding a touch of sweetness and enhancing the overall aromatic experience.
When you open a tin of Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls, you will find tightly packed, dark brown flakes that exude a rich, earthy aroma. The flakes are easy to handle and can be easily rubbed out or folded and stuffed into a pipe, depending on personal preference.
When smoked, Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls delivers a satisfying and flavorful experience. The Virginia tobaccos provide a natural sweetness with hints of hay, citrus, and dried fruit. The rum topping adds a gentle sweetness and a subtle note of spice, creating a well-balanced and enjoyable smoke.
Due to the pressing and aging process, the tobacco burns slowly and evenly, allowing for a cool and smooth smoking experience. The flavors develop throughout the bowl, offering a complexity that is appreciated by seasoned pipe smokers.
Overall, Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls is a highly regarded pipe tobacco blend that combines quality Virginias with a delicate rum flavoring. Its rich flavors, slow burn, and delightful aroma make it a favorite among pipe enthusiasts who appreciate a refined and flavorful smoking experience.