Romeo Y Julieta - Churchills A/T C/P 3'sx5, 15's B

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The Romeo y Julieta Churchills is a classic and iconic cigar within the Romeo y Julieta brand, known for its elegance, flavor, and larger size. It is considered one of the flagship vitolas of the Romeo y Julieta lineup.
The Churchill vitola takes its name from the renowned British statesman, Sir Winston Churchill, who was a well-known enthusiast of Romeo y Julieta cigars. The Romeo y Julieta Churchills typically measures around 7 inches (178mm) in length with a ring gauge of 47, indicating a diameter of 47/64ths of an inch. This size offers a longer smoking experience, allowing for a leisurely and indulgent smoke.
Romeo y Julieta cigars are crafted using premium tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba, known for producing some of the finest tobacco in the world. The blend typically includes a selection of filler leaves, a binder leaf to hold the cigar together, and a top-quality wrapper leaf.
The flavor profile of the Romeo y Julieta Churchills is often described as medium-bodied, offering a balanced and sophisticated smoking experience. It may exhibit notes of cedar, leather, nuts, floral undertones, and sometimes hints of spice and sweetness. The flavors are generally refined, complex, and well-developed, making it a preferred choice among enthusiasts who appreciate a nuanced and elegant cigar.
The construction and craftsmanship of the Romeo y Julieta Churchills are typically of high quality, ensuring an even burn, a good draw, and an enjoyable smoking experience. It is a cigar that is often enjoyed on special occasions or when one wishes to savor a longer and more relaxed smoking session.