Von Eicken - Springwater pipe tobacco 100 gram can

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Springwater is a blend of golden sun-cured Virginia ready rubbed flakes and black, shiny cavendish. This fine exotic and cool burning tobacco gets its irresistible note from the Manila fruit aroma, similar to almonds.  Manila fruit aroma refers to MANILA ELEMI, the soft, colourless resin of CANARIUM INDICUM, or Java Almond (also known as Luzón Almond), one of 14 genera of tropical balsameaceous trees yielding a variety of commercial gums, balsamic resins and oils. (I found all this in my trusty old Britannica, under the article NUT.) Sehr exotisch, as DAN would say.

The blend does smell and taste vaguely of almond paste, or rather almond-flavoured praline, the kind of confection the French call frangipane; not excessively, though: this is not a savagely cased tobacco.

The basic mélange is some "wild-cut" (large) bright Virginia, some tan, broken-flake Cav leaf, and a lot of black Cavendish. The result is light but still tasting of tobacco, airily spicy, clean-burning and decidedly agreeable. Though this kind of Cavendish-dominated mixture is simply too lightweight for my taste, I think that aficionados of mild aromatics will love SPRINGWATER.